Program Guidelines


Children registered for the Before and Aftercare Program will be enrolled for the days indicated on the registration form you completed. Children will be dismissed to the Aftercare Program, bus, or to walk home/pickup lines based upon what you indicated when you registered your child.

All changes to your child’s Aftercare schedule should be handled as follows:

1. Text program phone at 609-389-0484 with any changes needed.
For example: adding aftercare today, no aftercare needed today, or different pickup person.
Beforecare changes do not need to be texted.


2. Send a written note (not an email) to your child’s teacher sharing the same information. Notes are sent to the office and are checked against the list. Teachers and main offices do not add children to or remove children from the list.

Adds and drops will be accepted until 11:30am. It is your responsibility to notify the program of a change before this time.

Only EMERGENCIES will be considered after 11:30am.

NO CHANGES will be made after 2:00pm for the safety of your child.  Dismissal and the end of the school day is a VERY busy time for everyone, and we have your child’s safety in mind.  If you have a change to your schedule after 2:00pm your child will be dismissed to Aftercare.  You will not be charged if your child arrives to Aftercare and you are there to pick them up when they arrive.   A minimum of 15 minutes will be charged if you are not there at dismissal.

All persons picking up must be prepared to show ID to the staff of the program. A sibling who is 16 or older may pick up your child and a student ID is acceptable.

Late fees: Late pickup fee (after 6:00pm) = $1/minute/child beginning at 6:01pm
Late payment fee = $10

Any account past due will be suspended and you will be notified to find alternative child care until the balance is paid in full.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

**If you need assistance or have any questions please call 609-389-0484
or email

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